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How it all

Kia Barnes is a stand up comedienne, as well as an advocate for equality and diversity within the LGBTQ community. Her repertoire also includes event production, education, entertainment, and she’s a reputable social media influencer.

A former teacher and researcher, Kia chaired Atlanta Public School’s LGBTQ Taskforce’s Curriculum and Policy Board, and she also sits on the Fulton County District Attorney’s LGBTQ Inclusion Board.
Kia also served on the city’s first LGBTQ Advisory Board under Mayor Keisha Bottoms.


Having left the classroom in 2014 to pursue a career in standup comedy, Kia has performed on stages across the country and has been featured on Netlix, BET, LOL Network, Popsugar, NBC and more.She has collaborated to cultivate queer safe spaces with numerous LGBTQ organizations and events, including: the OUT GA Business Alliance, the Human Rights Campaign, Georgia Equality, Atlanta Pride, Pridelines Miami, Clexacon Las Vegas, Women of Color Weekend, SisterSpace, and the list continues to grow!Kia also produces two nationally touring LGBTQ engagements, the Lez Laugh Comedy Show and the Andro Fashion Show, and she was instrumental in producing Atlanta’s first “Equality March,” in commemoration of the Pulse Orlando tragedy. Simply put, Kia “Comedy” Barnes is not just jokes.




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